Green Projects


Our company is especially sensitive in the construction of buildings of energy nature or otherwise “GREEN BUILDINGS”.

We study and manufacture buildings that follow a bioclimatic logic. To wit, we use proper building materials and new technology for the construction of buildings to achieve minimum energy consumption to cover the users’ necessities.

To construct a Green Building we follow the basic steps below:

  • Bioclimatic Architectural building design
  • Proper placing of the building in the environment
  • Choice of appropriate structural materials and technology (external insulation, exterior frames with thermal insulation, energy windows and more)
  • Correct choice of air conditioning systems (heating, cooling, ventilation)
  • Correct choice of lighting systems
  • Correct choice of water heating devices
  • Use of renewable energy sources such as solar energy (solar panel systems, solar boilers), biomass and geothermy systems.

The company constructs driven by the fact that the cost of a building is not only its constructional which will be set and estimated, but also the cost of its use which with the wrong choices during the construction may become unbearable.

Composite Constructions


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