Hotels / Casinos


The company undertakes the construction of new hotel units or their restoration.

We undertake the total of management-construction of the project of all building works and every kind of mechanical installations.

Our company has trained crews for the construction of the most technologically demanding tasks with the best quality, finishing, in the best possible time.

Our company with the experience that we have can study and construct hotel units with the most modern technological installations.

To wit, apart from the conventional construction of a hotel unit we study and design energy consciously every unit so as to reduce the energy consumption and wastes.

This is achieved by:

  • Energy recovery (in old hotel units)
  • Solar panel systems
  • Geothermy systems
  • External insulation
  • Correct choice of structural materials
  • Correct choice of heating-cooling, lighting systems and other devices
  • Use of other renewable energy sources

Composite Constructions


Free Residence


Heating -50%