Our company undertakes the renovation of residences. We assume the architectural study, decorative study, building permit (if necessary) and the construction of the project in the least possible time.

We can guarantee the excellent quality of the construction that is achieved with the use of the best crews and the necessary daily supervision and management of the project. We undertake the total of studies and constructions:

  • Dismantling of old constructions and debris collection
  • Construction of interior partitions (steady or movable)
  • Dry building, metal and special construction ceilings
  • Floors (laminate, tiles, marble, parquet, vinyl tiles, carpets)
  • Exterior frames (aluminum, wooden)
  • External insulation
  • Water insulation
  • Interior frames
  • Glass panes
  • Exterior shelters, awnings
  • INOX constructions
  • Safety doors- securite doors
  • Hydraulic installations
  • Electrical installations (powerful, weak)
  • Lighting-special lighting installations
  • Sound insulation
  • Air conditioning-ventilation systems
  • Fire extinguishing
  • Carpentry works (furniture, kitchens, lockers, offices, fireproof)
  • Computer rooms
  • Disabled Persons spaces construction

Composite Constructions


Free Residence


Heating -50%