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    The experience that we have gives us the ability to study and construct hotel units with the most modern...
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    So far we have constructed more than 200 bank stores all over Greece...
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    Our experience at the construction of hospital units is great, given that this sector is one of our company’s basic...
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    Detached residence
    We undertake the architectural study and the planning permission, the construction of the project and its delivery to the customer, ready to...
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Company’s Projects

Company’s Projects

Our company through its perennial life (46 years until today) has constructed a great range of projects all over Greece.

Indicatevely we mention some bellow (choose the category you are interested in) :

Several Project Categories

Διάφορες Κατηγορίες Έργων

  • Electromechanical installations in NATO bases
  • Toll stations at National Highways
  • ALPHA BANK stores all over Greece
  • ALPHA BANK Maritime Building at Piraeus
  • Maritime Building of a big Maritime company
  • Metal buildings at Attica
  • Part of hotel unit at Loutraki
  • Hospital units in Athens
  • Haemodialysis units in Athens
  • Detached residences and cottages at Attica
  • Multistorey buildings at Attica
  • Condos at Attica
  • Office buildings at Attica
  • Apartment and stores renovations in Athens
  • Squares in Athens
  • ALPHA BANK Educational center with an amphitheatre at Attica

Outstanding projects of the last 15 years

Outstanding projects of the last 15 years

  • NOVART –Commercial and Industrial S.A. SOURCE building (offices, store, exhibition, storage) – Metamorphosis Attica
  • Alpha Bank Maritime building-Piraeus
  • Marathon Museum-Marathon Attica
  • Kidney N. Ionia building-N. Ionia
  • Paidon St. Sophia Hospital pharmacy building-Athens
  • ASHLEY & HOLMES building-Chalandri Attica
  • Apartment building-Dolianis Maroussi
  • Condos-Filippou Gerakas
  • Metal storage building-Kaminia
  • Apartment building-Criezi Ilioupoli
  • Computer center National Bank of Greece-Sygrou Athens
  • Alpha Bank Association building-Ippokratous Athens
  • Alpha Leasing building-Athens
  • Alpha Financial building
  • ICAP building-Athens
  • Office building of National Bank of Greece-Ch. Trikoupi Athens


Alpha Bank Stores

Alpha Bank Stores

  • Ygeia-Maroussi
  • Spyrou Loui-Maroussi
  • Rhodes
  • N. Kifisias
  • Markopoulo-Attica
  • Lamia
  • Kapnikarea-Athens
  • Calymnos
  • Thivon Avenue-Peristeri
  • Drosia-Attica
  • Glyfada
  • Gerakas
  • Anavissos-Attica
  • Central B’-Athens
  • Spetses
  • Farssala
  • Vrioni-Piraeus
  • Kallithea
  • Chalandri
  • Eth.Antistaseos-Piraeus
  • Itea
  • Korinthos
  • Lenorman-Athens
  • Menidi
  • Molokotou-Athens
  • N.Smirni
  • St.Anargyroi
  • Aigio
  • Acharnes-Athens
  • Koropi
  • Patras-Psarofai
  • Pefki
  • Arta
  • Kiato
  • Mesogeia-Cholargos
  • Mykonos
  • Alexandras Av.-Athens
  • Samos
  • Andros
  • National Highway Athens Lamia
  • Alpha Bank office building-St.StefanosAttica
  • Alpha Bank amphitheatre-St.Stefanos Attica

NBG Stores


  • Keratsini
  • Mesogeion 1-Athens
  • Vas.Georgiou-Piraeus
  • Aigaleo
  • Koukaki
  • Spyros Merkouris
  • Sygrou 235
  • Tzitzifies
  • Feidippidou
  • Formionos

Composite Constructions


Free Residence


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