Monoblock Constructions


Monoblock structural system consists of bearing walls (consisted in the static study) of reinforced concrete which with the right arrangement achieve perfect statics and maximum antiseismicity. The static analysis is done according to Eurocode 3 and is attached to the calculations document. In the static study, ceiling/floor slabs are included. The Monoblock structural system can be applied to multistorey buildings without any restrictions.

Thermal / Sound insulation

Mansonries at Monoblock structural system have embedded insulation of alfablock or of other insulating materials, of thickness that is set from the needs of each area’s thermal insulation.

Energy Class A+

Monoblock structural system can easily adjust to the demands of energy class A+ with 3 simple steps.

  1. Before or after the construction of the building a thermal front view is created with the placing of leaves of rock wool or extruded polystyrene to the exterior mansonry of the building.
  2. Choice of appropriate certified frames.
  3. Creation of the appropriate infrastructure to place solar panels on the roof.

Exterior finishings

It can be done by using simple coating, cement boards, wood or whatever the client wants and according to the architecture.

Interior finishings

As the exteriors, they can be coated with veneer, plaster boards etc. Whatever is used in a conventional construction.


In foundations a significant material saving is achieved due to the lighter construction.

Floor addings

Monoblock structural system is ideal for floor addings in existing construction. Where conventional construction has insurmountable problems (of static and practical nature), Monoblock structural system provides the most rapid and practical solution.

Composite Constructions


Free Residence


Heating -50%