Project Management


Prasinos Constructions S.A. offers a full project management service for all construction sectors.

With the experience that our company has gained on its 50 year-presence at construction management and with the scientifically trained staff that we have, we can guarantee to manage your project from the beginning to the end with detailed progress reports during the construction.

Project Management Services:

  • Recognition of the client’s objects
  • Coordination of the design-studies team (our experienced consultants take actively part in the design-studies)
  • Timetable elaboration
  • Coordination of the legal authorization
  • Offers preparation
  • Danger management studies
  • Coordination of the works between the structural part of the project (constructors) and the design-studies team
  • Daily supervision of the project and in the same time solution of the worksite problems and needs of the project (material supplies, etc.)
  • Regular submission of the construction progress reports / timetable maintenance

Prasinos Construction S.A. can combine all the requests of your project by using professionals in all management sectors to assure that your constructions plans will become true.

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