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    The experience that we have gives us the ability to study and construct hotel units with the most modern...
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    So far we have constructed more than 200 bank stores all over Greece...
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    Our experience at the construction of hospital units is great, given that this sector is one of our company’s basic...
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    Detached residence
    We undertake the architectural study and the planning permission, the construction of the project and its delivery to the customer, ready to...
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    About cottages we suggest their construction with metal frame and walls of dry building. The benefit of such a....

Company’s Profile

The company respecting the traditional construction ways and keeping in mind both the new materials, and the new technologies, constructs having as first priorities the quality of the construction, the economy at the cost of the construction and the respect to the environment.

Special goal of the company is the construction of projects with drastically reduced cost of energy consumption, which is achieved with the correct management of the free energy that nature provides us (sun, air, geothermy), recovery-management of the energy that gets lost to the environment and correct energy armor of the constructions to minimize losses.

The company studies in any case the best way to construct a building, trying our constructions to be an investment and not just constructions for the time being.


The operation of the company is based to the following guiding principles:

When taking up a project and in consultation with the experienced partners of every specialty that our company has, a cost assessment is done and a timetable of completion of the required works is written.

Provided that for us every project is unique, we constantly seek innovative construction methods and materials that ensure the quality of our services and get informed for the new trends and systems that will increase the efficiency of the space and minimize the energy losses.

The projects that we have materialized testify our ability to accomplish with consistency our customers’ requests.

Composite Constructions


Free Residence


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