• <br /><br /><br />Hotels

    The experience that we have gives us the ability to study and construct hotel units with the most modern...
  • <br /><br /><br />Banks

    So far we have constructed more than 200 bank stores all over Greece...
  • <br /><br /><br />Hospitals

    Our experience at the construction of hospital units is great, given that this sector is one of our company’s basic...
  • <br /><br /><br />Detached residence

    Detached residence
    We undertake the architectural study and the planning permission, the construction of the project and its delivery to the customer, ready to...
  • <br /><br /><br />Cottages

    About cottages we suggest their construction with metal frame and walls of dry building. The benefit of such a....

News / Announcements

Arrangement of illegal buildings

Postponement of the law was announced for the arrangement of illegal buildings up to 14/09/2012

Law Postponement

New postponement of the law for the arrangement of illegal buildings is going to be announced within the following days.

New project in P. Psychiko

Adding in expansion at a two-storey house

Completion of project at Gazi

Six-storey office building renovation and upgrading of its energy class.

Composite Constructions


Free Residence


Heating -50%